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Ashra Awwal E Muharram 2023 1445Hj - 01 Majlis 01 Muharram 2023 1445Hj - Urdu

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By Allama Abu Talib Tabatabai Posted about 8 months ago
1. Refer to the topic of Ehad-e- ILahi, Ehad(agreement, promise) which the Almighty is making with his Prophets in various contexts in the Quran. 2. Discussed the endorsement, which Almighty had promised that His Ehad will not reach Zalimeen. It will only reach to those who deserve and demonstrate their Ahliyat. 3. The purpose of majlis is to increase Muhabbat-e- Ahle-bait(a.s), Aqeeda and Eman, conducting amaal with the guidelines of Usool-e-deen and Furoo-e-deen, and asking questions related to Deen. 4. Whoever interacts with Quran, Mafatee-ul -Jinan, Ziarat-e-Ashura & Jamiah throughout the year will increase his level of intellect and queries and He will decide accordingly where to go and whom to listen, where his questions will be answered according to the irshadaat of Ayamma-e-Masoomeen(a.s). 5. Almighty demands his followers to follow his given aqeeda the way He has given it to his followers, whether it is relevant to them or not, for example, when mushrikeen alleged Malaika as Almighty's (daughters). He condemns their wrong beliefs in Quran. 6. Referring to Surah-e- Shuara(????) highlighting the significance of Ajar-e-Risalat in search of Sirat-e-Mustaqeem. 7. Referring to Surah-e-Furqan, reminding the day of judgement, the day would be very tough for kafirin who would regret their doings and beliefs. 8. Discussing the presence of shaitan on Sirat-e- Mustaqeem and his intentions to misguide those who are on the right path. 9. Discussed the relation of Ajar- e-Risalat with Shakoor and Ghafoor.(Almighty) 10. Discussed what is Ajar-e- Risalat (Mavaddat-Qurba) love of Ahlebait(a.s) as this is the path through which a believer has to reach Sirat-e- Mustaqeem. 11. Discussed the blessings which a follower receives in the form of lutf in ibadat. 12. Azaadari is the form of Sabeel (path) to Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and his Ahlebait(a.s). Musaib-e-Al-e-Mohammad.
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